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Canon to release 4 full frame cameras this year
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Canon to release 4 full frame cameras this year

Canon, as we anticipated, is rumored to do 4 full frame cameras this year.

This information, from Canon Rumors follows much of what we have been saying here.

The first camera is the one that has been already announced - the 1DX Mark III.  It's the Olympic camera.  Pre-order here.

The next is the long rumored Canon EOS Rs - which is the name we've given it, it may not be the name in which Canon gives it.  It's the high megapixel camera, that will have better body ergonomics than the EOS R - and will most undoubtably be Canon's attempt at a mirrorless 5Ds.  It will most likely have IBIS.

The next camera, is also one we've mentioned here a few times, a camera underneath the EOS RP.  Canon made a success out of its mount with rebel versions of their cameras even from film day. Expect the same from the RF mount, where Canon will ship out the lowest cost full frame mirrorless cameras on the market.  Canon Rumors is calling this camera an EOS Rm.

The last RF mount camera is a bit of a mystery.  I'm not really buying the low MP, sport'ish / video camera line, or a camera that aims at the A7S line that hasn't seen a new camera in 5 years.  It's altogether possible that Canon will do this, but I think this is some "me-too" rumoring where people wish canon would mimic Sony.  There's no real reason outside of maybe rolling shutter for Canon to do a sensor less than 20MP for a full frame video camera as we've seen from the 1DX Mark III.  You get the benefit of oversampling, and also the potential benefit of nearly 6K raw output.  I also don't see the need for a sports / speed camera if the 1 series RF camera is coming out in 2021, and this camera is coming out in late 2020.  We already know the 1 series RF won't be until 2021, that was discussed here.

I think this camera will be more in line with an upgraded EOS R, but not necessarily an EOS R Mark II.  I think this will be more like the lower MP camera version of the EOS Rs.

But we will see.

This all being said, we should start seeing credible rumors on the EOS Rs soon, if the announcement is around 3-4 weeks away.


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