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New Rumors: A 100MP RF Camera (again) and a R100
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New Rumors: A 100MP RF Camera (again) and a R100

About one of the longest serving rumors and certainly a camera listed under the "most likely to happen" would be a high megapixel version of the R5.  Similar to the EF mount where the EOS-5D and 5Ds exist in that ecosystem.

Canon had originally planned a 120MP DSLR, but those plans most likely got shelved when they started to work aggressively on the RF mount project.  It's the only time, in my recollection that Canon announced the development of a product that simply never appeared.

The problem with the 120MP DSLR was that it wasn't using DPAF sensors as far as I'm aware, and most likely had a too slow of a refresh rate to support high generation DPAF AF operations not to mention any sort of video.

I suspect that Canon would need to re-invent the high MP sensor to compete in today's marketplace, which is perhaps why this camera is so slow in coming, and we've heard about various different versions of this camera over the past 3 years.

The current rumor has it at 100+ MP, and while I think that's a good number - I suspect it will be something like 102 or 105MP - just so Canon can state they have the biggest of any, even the quasi medium format cameras from Fuji.

I know many people think DLA (diffraction-limited aperture) is of great importance, but they miss the importance of oversampling.  A much larger MP sensor allows for better imagery, color, and fewer digital artifacts.  What it may not allow for is to utilize all 100+ megapixels the same way you would use all the pixels on a 45MP sensor - depending of course on your lenses.  Don't expect to pixel peer at 100%, or more aggressively crop your images, however, any actions you perform will certainly give you a better-looking image.  The closest analogy to this I can come up with is to consider a bokeh disc in its purest rendition.  It's a circle. On a 4x4 matrix, it's basically a square.  On a 16x16 matrix, it looks more like a circle but still has jagged edges that you can visually detect. As you increase the resolution you get closer to its natural form.  This is why you will always hear me say - more megapixels, please! 

The other rumor has to do with a camera lower than the R10.   I think it's safe to say that Canon needs to do something smaller, lighter, and cheaper than the R100.  One area they could do this would be to require different LCD's or a different form factor and go a rangefinder EVF style, or simply like the M100 and M200 - remove the viewfinder and produce the cheapest camera they can.  Of course, they'll reuse the 24MP DPAF sensor that's basically been the same since 2016.

Canon isn't going to throw a lot of money at the RF-S ecosystem until they have already added a few more lenses with just an 18-45 and an 18-200, adding more cameras before another body would almost be comical.  They at least had 4 lenses in the EOS-M system before they started to do that ;).  Also, speaking of EOS-M, they really do have to decide if they are going to quietly replace the EOS-M system, and hope that no one notices, or if they are actively going to work on both systems at the same time.  I do feel this is more of a problem than some are considering .. there are a lot of EOS-M cameras out there, for a long time EOS-M kept Canon's market share looking decent and most likely still does.

I personally feel that with Canon's really tepid entry into RF APS-C that they really don't want to do anything in this market anymore, but are feeling the push to do so.  It will be interesting to see how this all sorts itself out.

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