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Canon Patent Application: Canon Mirrorless Super-35 16-55 F2.8
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Canon Patent Application: Canon Mirrorless Super-35 16-55 F2.8

In this patent application canon describes a rather complex 16-55mm F2.8 with a image height of 14mm. That's larger than their usual APS-C image height of 13.66mm and 14mm is usually describes a super 35 image sensor (which has a 27.2mm diagonal). However, there isn't a doubt that if Canon is coming out with an RF APS-C camera, and even with the current EOS-M; both camera systems would be served well by having a 16-55mm F2.8 standard zoom.

This is most likely in Canon's eyes, a small zoom for Canon RF super 35 CINI cameras.

Other embodiments are mentioned in this patent application, however, I think this is the most interesting one of the bunch since the other embodiments discuss lenses already developed by Canon.

This isn't a smoking gun for an RF APS-C however, as noted, the image height isn't what Canon usually describes for APS-C, and the back focus distance of 10mm is pretty tight for the RF mount.

Canon 16-55mm F2.8

focal length           16.50   27.55  53.81  
F number                2.90    2.90   2.90  
Half angle of view (°) 42.26   25.94  13.98  
Image height           14.00   14.00  14.00  
Lens total length     103.55  109.78 129.89  
BF                     14.18   12.29  10.01  

As with all patent applications, they give us some insight to what Canon is researching but certainly do not guarantee that the embodiment will come to fruition.  Especially in these times of global supply shortages.

Japan Patent Application 2022-018006

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