New Images of the EOS-R3
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New Images of the EOS-R3

New images of the EOS-R3 have appeared.  While we don't know much more from the images, we do now know a few more things than we did.  The EOS-R3 will have the combination AF-ON button with the touch-sensitive joystick that was featured on the 1DX Mark III.  It will also have a built-in LAN connection and for the first time in one of Canon's high-end sports cameras, a fully articulating screen.

While the Olympics are still scheduled, Japan has seen a sharp rise in COVID-19 infections and there is now local pressure mounting to cancel the games in their entirety.  I'm sure Canon is scheduling based upon the assumptions that the games will happen, and Canon will certainly be showing off the R3 at the games.  I would expect more leaks and information as the games get closer.

In another rumor, CanonRumors reports that Canon will be undercutting the competition with their pricing of the R3. This really doesn't surprise me all that much, and it's one of those things that just make sense - considering that there's still a  flagship coming out from Canon, which, will most likely be around the same pricing as the 1DX Mark III.


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