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Canon Patent Application: Canon RF 24-150mm F4L
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Canon Patent Application: Canon RF 24-150mm F4L

There's a bunch of cool lens designs that are in this patent application that I would be especially interested in.  Canon if you want some feedback on which ones to make - contact me ;)

Up first we have an interesting Canon RF 24-150mm F4L, building off the Canon RF 24-105 and expanding it's reach.  it's nearly a 24-70 and 70-200 in one lens - what's not to love?

Focal length   24.70  58.34  145.80   
F-number        4.12   4.12    4.12  
angle of view  38.43  20.35    8.44  
Lens length   134.13 162.90  116.35   
BF             18.26  15.54   24.00

After that is a more curious lens for Canon, a less costly version of the 24-105 F2.8L, and this time a Canon RF 24-105 2.8-3.6.  Faster all around than the Canon RF 24-105 F4L.

Focal length   24.70  35.31  101.90    
F number        2.71   3.10    3.86    
angle of view  41.21  31.50   11.99    
lens length   143.80 141.94  175.01   
BF             18.13  24.90   36.76 

Would any of these be made? I really doubt it.  How many lenses does Canon really need starting at 24mm.

However, it's interesting to see the designs and the thought that went into the RF mount and some of the things the optical designers were looking at doing.

Canon Patent Application  2020-034631

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