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2020 looking large for Canon
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2020 looking large for Canon

A new report from Canon Rumors, states that it appears like 2020 will be a big year for Canon.  We tend to agree.  As we mentioned before, Canon will have three major events in 2020 not including the Olympics.  It's a once in a 5 year marketing year for Canon with;

  1. Japan CP+ (end of February)
  2. PhotoKina (end of May)
  3. Canon EXPO 2020 (dates not announced but usually late August into September)

On top of that, the Olympics and they always garner a lot of attention, making this a once a 20 year period where everything falls in the same year.  On top of that, these will be the highest tech games ever, being held in Japan.

This isn't to say that these are the only announcement periods, as Canon usually does other smaller announcements through the year as well.  However, you can be certain that Canon will have something big planned for all three major events and that this year has been planned way in advance to be huge for Canon.

Canon Rumors, suggests that February 11 is a planned announcement date for Canon and that PhotoKina will have something significant as well, as the rumor states, "your readers should start getting excited for Photokina."

We know that there's a high-resolution EOS R, a 1DX Mark III and most likely the start of the 32.5MP APS-C wave that will go through Canon's entire APS-C lineup over time.  For other mirrorless, there could be also any of the following; a new M5 Mark II, new M50 Mark II, not to mention, a high-end prosumer EOS R as well.  Canon with the EOS R AF update is showing that it's taking mirrorless and mirrorless performance seriously, it's certainly a harbinger for cameras to come.

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