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Canon APS-C Mirrorless Rumors
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Canon APS-C Mirrorless Rumors

Could the M50 be moving upmarket? According to CanonRumors there's a new rumor that states the M50 is getting an update.

The M50 has been Canon's most successful mirrorless camera to date.  It's sold extremely well in it's lifetime in Japan, and even remarkably in the USA as well.

With the increased competition from Sony, Fuji, and even an m43 clone in the Panasonic G100 it stands to reason Canon has to get things rolling on an update.  4K with a heavy crop with no DPAF is certainly old fashioned now - even for Canon.

Not much in the way of news on the features - I think it depends if Canon wants this to do both - cover off the M5 Mark II and also the M50 at the same time.

IBIS, of course, would be on most people's wish list, and from what I saw of the patents, it seems as if Canon's IBIS doesn't take up a considerable amount of room.  Could it be a feature in the M's? I think it's a sure sign if we see IBIS on the M50 Mark II - we're not seeing an M5 Mark II.

In another rumor from CanonRumors, possibly unrelated - a high-end APS-C camera is purportedly coming in late 2020 or early 2021.  Now there's been reports of the M5 Mark II, and it certainly would make sense for it.  But what about the RF mount? I think it depends if Canon is seeing inroads into its sales from the Z series APS-C cameras.  It would make sense for the RF mount to sport a high end APS-C camera, but I honestly don't think we'll see an entire line of APS-C cameras from Cnaon on the RF mount.  Nor would it change the status of the EOS-M like some are inclined to think. I think the main APS-C lines ship has sailed.  Remember, the reason APS-C originally was developed was for the sensor cost.  That is no longer an issue in 2020.  Of course, other benefits became evident over time, such as a greater pixel density, faster shooting, but most of those have been mitigated as well.

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