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Canon full frame mirrorless? Rumors suggest prototypes exist
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Canon full frame mirrorless? Rumors suggest prototypes exist

Many rumors swirl over what Canon will do, may do in the coming months when it comes to mirrorless cameras.

While there is technical and manufacturing advantages to canon augmenting it's full frame lineup with mirrorless cameras, it's really unknown to how they will manage such a migration.

One of the bigger unsaid questions is who will do this Canon Mirrorless. The Canon DSLR group hasn't been involved in the EOS-M since the EOS-M and M2 days; as the rest of the mirrorless cameras, and the much more successfull M5 and M6 were developed and sold under the Powershot umbrella.

Not only are the current M cameras developed by the powershot group, the advances they have made in mirrorless firmware is all done under the powershot firmware, and again, not under the DSLR firmware.  There seems to be a large partition in between these two groups.

So how will Canon manage this transition? The EOS-M / Powershot group has advanced mirrorless to the point of Eye-AF, h.264 4K video, focus peaking and other goodies that we just don't see on a Canon DSLR.

Time will certainly give us more details.  The first may be a leak of the model number.  That will tell us who is developing the camera, and give us an idea on the featureset that it may actually contain.

Canon Rumors has new details about protoypes being developed and tested by Canon;

We reported back in January that Canon had a mystery camera with a new body style in prototype form. We’re now being told by the same source that the camera in question is a full frame mirrorless camera prototype.

We were told a few things about the appearance of the camera.

  • It has a top down LCD like the Leica SL.

  • The flange distance looks too short for it to be an EF mount, but no lens was attached to the body to be sure.

  • A press of the shutter button in burst mode sounded like it shot over 10fps.

  • There were no markings on branding on the body

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