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Canon is releasing three new cameras aimed at "young people" this year
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Canon is releasing three new cameras aimed at "young people" this year

According to a NIkkan article, Canon is will announce a new series of digital cameras targetting new people before the end of the year.  While these aren't new cameras as the prototypes have been demo'ed for a while now by Canon, what is new is that we have confirmation that they are going to come out this year.

So as a refresher, in case you've missed these cameras being talked about, here they are.

The first is an outdoor activity camera, this little camera can clip onto your jacket or something else and start recording. All settings are managed from your smartphone. There is no back LCD and it is pretty much tailored to recording events fairly inconspicuously or in instances where you don't want to damage your expensive smartphone (oh how the times have changed!).  Canon foresees also developing specific models of these cameras for sports teams and various other companies as well.

Canon is also going to come out with an intriguing little camera that can switch in between a 100mm and a 400mm zoom and fits into the palm of your hand. Again, this little camera is controlled by your smartphone.  Canon is intending this little camera as something you would use in stadiums and sporting events, where using your smartphone simply is impractical as the focal lengths are not nearly long enough.

The final cameras that are expected to come out this year, is one also that was shown at various events, which is a camera equipped with full automatic tracking and voice recognition.  Consider this your babycam on steroids.

Canon is looking to stimulate the market for camera technology among younger people by offering them different compelling cameras that are not really available right now (at least from the major camera companies).

I think we at times get too caught up with $2000 cameras and $3000 lenses and breathlessly await the next RF lens or Canon EOS RF camera release without realizing that it may be leaving much of the market behind in it's wake.  Focusing on full frame mirrorless as some are sagely stating, is, in my opinion, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy about the future doom of the market.  I certainly laud Canon to attempting to change the narrative with little cameras such as these that may cost around $100 and reach a much broader market.

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