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Canon's future mirrorless full frame camera
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Canon's future mirrorless full frame camera

Much speculation and long term rumors have been floating around about canon's full frame mirrorless over the years however in reality, what Canon does depends on it's current technology, not what it prototyped years ago that leaked out.

The current DPAF sensors that is in the 5D Mark IV is most likely expensive for Canon to make, however, also allow Canon to jump into mirrorless full frame pretty quickly.

Reviews of the DPAF sensor in the 5D Mark IV have been generally positive, with also positive reviews on the DPAF auto focus technology.

Simply put, putting a 5D Mark IV into liveview mode is as a good of a prototype of a canon full frame mirrorless as we have today.

The big question that seems to be dominating the internet, is will it be EF mount, EF-M or some other new mount?

It would seem odd in a declining market that Canon would invest resources and energy into yet-another-mount. Which takes the common sense approach of the mount being either EF-M and EF. It's entirely possible to fit a full frame sensor in the EF-M mount, however, it's a tight squeeze. Not only that, but Canon would have to solve the problems that Sony has been working on for years - color cast and light vignetting on a full frame sensor and a short registration distance.

The logical (but not entirely practical) answer is for Canon to use the EF mount. The lenses already exist for it, the ecosystem is rich, mature and robust. The problems with using the EF mount are that you can't get the camera as absolutely small and skinny as you can with the EF-M mount, and some lenses under 80 or so mm will be larger than what they would be using the EF-M mount.

It remains to be seen what kind of tradeoffs that Canon will deem necessary, and optimal for a mirrorless mount. On one hand, we may have the progression of the most successful lens mount in the history of photography, or we may have a complete market disruption with Canon going full ahead and switching mounts again.

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