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Industry News: The Fujifilm X-T200 should wake Canon up
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Industry News: The Fujifilm X-T200 should wake Canon up

Since the EOS-M50 was released on February 26 2018, Canon has enjoyed excellent success marketing and selling this EOS-M camera.  So much that they rocketed to #1 position in mirrorless cameras in Japan, and according to Canon, this is the #1 mirrorless camera globally.

However something has happened since last August, the other two APS-C players have woken up to the magic formula of the M50 and launched competing products.  The last of such, Fujifilm, just launched the X-T200.  When compared side by side, it's easy to see that that EOS-M50 is starting show it's age. Dpreview created a comparison chart and just looking at only the APS-C cameras in this class, we see that there are alot of similarities between all three.

  Fujifilm X-T200 Canon EOS M50 Sony a6100
MSRP (lens kit) $800 $900 $850
Sensor 24MP APS-C 24MP APS-C 24MP APS-C
Image stab. Lens only Lens only Lens only
AF system Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid
LCD design Fully artic. Fully artic. Tilting
LCD size/res 3.5" / 2.76M-dot 3" / 1.04M-dot 3" / 0.92M-dot
EVF panel 2.36M-dot OLED 2.36M-dot OLED 1.44M-dot OLED
EVF mag 0.62x Not specified 0.71x
Burst rate (w/AF) 8 fps 7.4 fps 11 fps
Max video UHD 4K/30p UHD 4K/30p UHD 4K/30p
4K crop 1x
No Crop
1.6x 1.2x (30p)
1x (24p)
Mic / headphone socket Yes / Yes* Yes / No Yes / No
Battery life (LCD) 270 shots 235 shots 420 shots
121 x 84 x 55mm 116 x 88 x 59mm 120 x 67 x 59mm
Weight 370g 390g 396g

While the EOS-M50 has some features shared as the best in class such as a 2.36M-dot OLD viewfinder, the 1.6x crop 4k video that doesn't support DPAF is extremely dated against the a6100 and also the X-T200.  It's also a little heavier, taller and thicker than the X-T200, with slightly less battery life.

I know some are asking, is there room for an $800 EOS-M if the EOS-Rm comes out at around $800 to $900 MSRP? Especially if it manages to hold onto the size and weight of the EOS-M50?  I still think yes, because even though the EOS-Rm will be a light, small and cheap full frame camera, it still has to use full frame optics and a mount that was designed for full frame lenses.  The M50 or an M50 Mark II has a much smaller mount, with lenses specifically designed to take advantage of the size.

While we have been focusing on the full-frame cameras that Canon will release this coming year, it would not surprise me to see an M50 Mark II come out this year because of the challengers.  It's possibly too early to see DIGIC 9 come out, but we know that DIGIC 8 can still do a lot of good things - especially if the EOS-M6 Mark II is any indication.

If Canon wants to maintain it's #1 position in Japan, and also expand that into other markets, a new version of the M50 seems very likely.


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