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New Rumor: Canon R3 has reduced lag and blackout
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New Rumor: Canon R3 has reduced lag and blackout

In a new rumor from CanonRumors, it appears as if the R3 will have it's best performing mirrorless camera to date in terms of lag, black and overall EVF responsiveness.

Now to be fair, an EVF will never ever work as well as an OVF, especially in demanding low light applications, but it can come close - which I think is the goal here.

The faster readout of the stacked sensor will certainly contribute the most, as the readout speed determines the finite amount of time it takes to read all the bits off the sensor, and that contributes to the overall sensor lag. 

As far as blackout, it can never get rid of it completely, just like it could never get rid of it completely on an OVF either.  Simply put, there's a time where the sensor is exposing, and at that time, the EVF has no video feed (or in the case of the OVF the mirror is flipped up at the time). Of course, with fast shutter speeds, this is less of an issue.  I think this is one reason why Canon has adopted the blackout on the R5 and R6 since it's a more natural occurrence that people are used to.  On faster than 1/60th of a shutter speed though, you'll be hard-pressed to see any blackout at all.

Of course with all rumors they may not be correct but this one really does make a lot of sense for Canon's target market, and let's face it - Canon was really really close with its older generation sensors on the R5 and R6 already.


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