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New Rumor: EOS M5 Mark II and EF-M 52mm F2.0 get mentioned
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New Rumor: EOS M5 Mark II and EF-M 52mm F2.0 get mentioned

I have been pretty admandment that I believe an M5 Mark II would be coming from Canon.  While this is a low quality rumor from CanonRumors it does make much sense that Canon would not simply "give up" on it's flagship EOS-M camera model.

No matter how much you love the M6 Mark II (and I do!), it's not the same ergonomics and without an EVF, shooting with a flash can be very problematic. There are also little things missing from the M6 Mark II - such as the ability to use ECFS and no headphone jack that seem to set up an obvious segmentation to an M5 Mark II sitting above the M6 Mark II.

The rumor mentions that the M5 Mark II will have basically the same features, and include an EVF, IBIS and better build quality.

Nothing is too surprising, but IBIS would be an eye raiser.  From all the IBIS patents we've uncovered a common trend is the significant amount of communication between lens IS and Camera body IBIS.  While IBIS would still function, it would be quite surprising if Canon managed to get IBIS+IS working the same way as the RF camera bodies.

Also, the rumor mentions an EF-M 52mm F2.0 STM and an EF-M 100-300mm lens.  While we've seen a patent for a 100-400 lens that could be for the EF-M mount, I can't recall ever seeing a 100-300mm.  There was a one time a diffractive optic telephoto for APS-C, but I do believe that patent was before my time.  A 52mm lens would be very welcomed, I'm thoroughly enjoying the Sigma 56mm F1.4 paired with an M6 Mark II.  However F2.0 seems anticlimatic considering both Vitrox and Sigma will have faster 50mm lenses for the EF-M mount.

As with everything, we shall see..


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