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New Rumor: High End EOS-M camera coming
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New Rumor: High End EOS-M camera coming

Well this is curious, and something we've also speculated on here.  The latest from CanonRumors is that a high end EOS-M is coming with the M50 Mark II.  This camera would be upscale from the M5 (perhaps an M7?) and would feature a higher-end feature set than what the EOS-M's usually would.  Think perhaps weather sealing and build quality. From the rumor source, they claim this camera will have "greater durability and performance than you’d expect from an M5 follow-up"


It could very well be that Canon is looking solving the 7D problem on a mirrorless as a two-pronged solution;

a) release a higher performance camera on the EOS-M mount.  Good for birders that have EF lenses and just want an updated camera body.

b) release a high-end full frame EOS-R camera (R5 and perhaps R5s) for those that want the RF mount, however, it will cost more but it would have all the RF advantages.

I think it's also possible because we know the performance already on the M6 Mark II is eye-watering good. The camera is fast, the shooting is even faster, and I mean, even if it's with a crop - 18MP at 30 fps with AF.  That's just simply jaw-dropping good.

Now imagine that ultra-fast sensor with the speed demon processor named a DIGIC X - with its eye AF for animal, humans, and especially birds - and you have something special in the making.

Apparently with the R5 announcements stating that IBIS works in conjunction with EF and RF lenses, we can expect some sort of IBIS + IS support to happen on the EF-M mount as well.

What's even more credible I think is that we're not guessing at any future technology, this is all stuff Canon already has inhouse and developed into production (or close to it with the R5).

Time will tell, but with the increased APS-C competition, I can't see a reason why Canon wouldn't want to keep the momentum on some pretty dazzling mirrorless cameras, regardless of the mount.


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