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New Rumor: High MP EOS R camera coming out in late 2019
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New Rumor: High MP EOS R camera coming out in late 2019

As suggested in the past, it appears like Canon will make a high MP version of the EOS R.  This in itself is probably a high probability because 30MP simply doesn't compete in MP's with the 45MP A7R and Z7's of the world.  Canon has a long history of wanting to push the envelope when it comes to megapixels and this new camera is rumored to push the boundaries by being over 75MP.

We know that Canon in the past has wanted to develop a 120MP DSLR, however with DPAF, they may have had to reduce the resolution to still meet image quality demands.

Video features are unknown, but it really depends on the focus of this camera. Video recording may not even be on such a camera.  The amount of line skipping necessary would be significant on such a sensor to have even a modest crop, and then we have the sensor throughput itself.  Those hoping for great video should look at one of the other cameras that I'm sure Canon will fit into the EOS R lineup over time.

I really feel that Canon needs around 5 cameras in this lineup to satisfy future needs;

  • a 1DX styled sports camera, ultra high-resolution camera,
  • high-performance pro medium resolution such as the 5D Mark IV is in DLSR's,
  • in-betweener camera such as the 6D is in the full frame DSLR ecosystem,
  • a video centric camera with a low MP sensor, tuned for 4K video only, full-screen readout, broadcast compliant
  • and finally, an entry-level model that doesn't even exist in the DSLR landscape, but can exist now with lower production costs of mirrorless.  Think Rebel full frame.

I don't expect Canon to completely mirror the DSLR lineup but do in Canon's at times, annoying fashion, slot in the cameras in between and above current models.

Canon Rumors had this to say about the high MP EOS R;

A few more people have told us that this will indeed be the case and that an EOS R camera with slightly more than 75mp is in development. This camera could appear sometime in the 2nd half of 2019 we’re told. Though an exact announcement date is a long way from being decided.

One source added that the high megapixel EOS R will come once 4 or 5 more native RF mount lenses are announced, with one of the new lenses being “the best landscape lens in the Canon lineup”.

This, of course, makes us pretty excited.  The high MP version of the EOS R is the one we've set our own personal sights on to purchase.


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