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New Rumor: Possible EOS-R5 Pricing?
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New Rumor: Possible EOS-R5 Pricing?

As we get closer to launch, we expected to hear leaks or at least more information in regards to the price of the EOS-R5.  With the fractious nature of the economy right now, setting prices may be difficult for the regions.

CanonRumors has received what they feel is a legitimate MSRP for the R5, in euros so this would be somewhere in the EU, however, the country is not specified.  While that may be important, I would imagine that at launch there would be one euro price.

Now of course, a direct currency conversion to USD, would give us a price of $5070, and I'm sure there are some out there running around with a $4999 price from this rumor. However, by law, all European prices include VAT, US retailers do not include sales tax in with their pricing.  In this case, this would reduce the price to around $3999 or just under that magic $4k barrier given today's exchange rates.  The European prices usually trended higher as well, perhaps increased distribution and support costs given the conglomerate of countries, and each of them would need their own warranty service.

While I never expected the R5 to be in the low $3,000 - we have to consider that at launch $3699 and $3899 were the prices of the 5Ds and 5DsR respectively.

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