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New Rumor: The Canon EOS R3 will not be announced tomorrow
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New Rumor: The Canon EOS R3 will not be announced tomorrow

PetaPixel has talked to multiple sources and they have stated that the R3 will not be announced tomorrow.

I think this rumor or information is probably accurate because if the camera was to be announced tomorrow we would have seen many more credible leaks with detailed specifications, and we have not.  There could be more information forthcoming, but as for now, I think it's best to assume that we're getting nothing about the R3. 

PetaPixel also mentions that the R3 will not be available in mass at the games, but only a small number of R3's will be available.  I guess it depends on the small number of cameras, Canon is usually good about giving out their cameras especially at the Olympics.  They actually do listen to the professionals that need this equipment.  A good example of this is the 200-400 F4L first announced in early 2011.  Canon had that lens out to professionals and even at the 2012 Olympics.  The lens went back to the drawing board based on the information back from the professionals at various events and finally came out in 2013.  I expect the same for the R3, while it won't be the dominant camera at the games, I can imagine that if a professional wants to try out the R3, Canon will certainly oblige.

Canon last year felt that the R5 would be at the games in 2020, and also help Canon to acquire a 70% usage marketshare of professionals.  With Sony releasing the A1, Canon will certainly have the R3 in sufficient quantities to meet professional curiousity.  Canon is a major sponsor of the games, and also expects to dominate the professional equipment used at the games.  Expect Canon to use the local games to their advantage.  I also anticipate a fair amount of R3 coverage during the games. The R3 is the future, and while the 1DX Mark III is the current flagship, there's a very good reason why the R3 has 1 series ergonomics, and that is to start moving 1DX professionals over to the RF mount.

Which rumor is right? well, we'll find out in less than 36 hours.

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