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New Rumor: Two new Canon RF cameras in the pipeline
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New Rumor: Two new Canon RF cameras in the pipeline

According to CanonWatch there are possibly two new RF cameras in the pipeline.  These two cameras I would totally expect Canon to make.  They are one of those that you really can't go wrong in guessing.  We'll call one R5C and the other R5S .. I'm not sure why people are thinking there's going to be a "3" .. Canon has left the 3 moniker behind with film and I doubt it's coming back here (It's dead Jim).   Our comments are in italics.

  • R5C has the same sensor technology as the EOS R5 but with half-resolution
  • (so around a 22MP sensor around 5800x3800).  Basically the R6 - so why do another camera?
  • R5C records 4K/120P with no crop
  • R5C does 2.8K supersampling in super35 mode
    • Math doesn't work - 2.8K would be around 2900 pixels, and super35 is around a 1.4 to 1.6 crop factor.
  • Both have a newly developed heat sink
    • This is just dumb.
  • R5S has “double-width resolution sensor of EOS R6
    • Weird way of saying 4x the resolution of the R6 (or double that of the R5). Around 80Mp
  • R5S does 12fps
    • While doable (barely) the camera would have to stop down to 12 bits to do so. Keep in mind that at R5 speeds it could only "upscale" to around 11fps at 80Mp, not 12fps.
  • Dual Pixel AF performance in low light better than EOS R5 and EOS R6
    • Highly unlikely - but anything is possible I guess.
  • . R5S “high resolution monster being hybrid for quality and speed“
    • Sure.  But at reduced bit depths on a landscape orientated camera.

I'm not sure how we would measure this rumor. A lot of it seems to be wishful specifications and there's certainly some bad math in there too.  If Canon was going to make a video orientated version of the R5, then they would most likely go all the way down to 12Mp as Sony does. Because it comes down to the point that you want the fastest readout speed (lowest resolution) for the video image quality you are trying to deliver.  Trying to do 4K120p on a 20MP sensor will still have a lot of the issues that the R5 and R6 handled.  And a better-designed heatsink? oh please, we won't even go there.

Even CanonWatch grades this as take this rumor with a huge grain of salt, and I'd have to tend to agree.


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