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Reports of damaged EOS R5 and R6s
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Reports of damaged EOS R5 and R6s

There are some reports out of South Korea in the slrclub forums identifying what appears to be damage around the plastic molding holding the sensor in place in the R5 and R6.  Thank you letitgo.

While this appears to be simply cosmetic, it's perhaps something to check on your R5 and R6, and if you are really finicky, maybe get the camera swapped out.  I mean I get it, it's a $2000 or almost $4000 camera, it shouldn't be this way from the factory.  From what one user reports, Canon charged him to replace the part, stating usage damage.  If this is the case, then swapping the camera before your window to do so ends may be a really good idea

I think this is just a problem with the fabrication of what appears to be a plastic piece that overlaps the sensor and not in any way related to IBIS stress fractures that we have seen in other cameras (looking at you, Sony).  If this was related to the operation of IBIS, I would expect to see cracks, and not what is appearing in these images.  Some of them just appear to be bubbles that were missed during the creation of the plastic piece, and in other cases, it looks to be some adhesive on the surface of the plastic.

Since the shutter on the R5 and R6 cameras is usually closed when you don't have a lens attached it's something to perhaps check when you get your camera.  Especially if other service centers act the same way as the Korean one and charge to fix it when in my mind, it's pretty obvious it was this way from the factory. 

Normally I wouldn't post an article like this because I'm sure some are going to scream "click bait" but the issue here isn't the manufacturing flaw, it's Canon charging to fix it.


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