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Rumiere Noct-Master APO 75mm f/0.95 lens for Canon RF
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Rumiere Noct-Master APO 75mm f/0.95 lens for Canon RF

It seems like there is a new Rumiere APO 75mm F.95 for the Sony E mount, Nikon Z mount, Canon RF mount, L mount, and the GFX mount.

A Nikon Rumors reader did some digging and got this response from NSI the company that originally a year ago announced plans for a 75mm F.95 lens;

回复:Rumiere Noct-Master APO 0.95/75mm Lens

Dear xxxx

We are sorry that you read a fake news.
NiSi is nothing with the new lens NOCT-Matser APO 0.95/75mm.
Thank you!


Adam Werton got some more information about this lens, and it seems like it's another company marketing this lens, and not the original company NSI.

Then let's talk about the newly rumoured Rumiere Noct-Master 75mm APO f/0.95.

You might have seen the new about the old prototype of NISI 75mm F0.95 one, this is its reincarnation. According to him, the design didn't perform that good, so it got cancelled and this one is an improved design. This lens is in its final stages, he's waiting for the sample units from the factory, then they'll need to further fine-tune it and they'll decide an official price after that.
The Chinese price will be about half of nikon's new noct F0.95. Not sure about international prices, the taxes are high these days. And he also mentioned that even wide open you will get minimum aberration, he also posted lots and lots of curves and stuff that honestly i dont understand myself. (Originally he wanted to call it APOLLO 75MM APO, well that name got taken).

This lens uses some large diameter glasses, and it really made some people over factory upset, just imagine you perfect produces a large diameter glass, did everything so carefully and then in the coating process it just exploded...

This one is Full frame for sure, not sure if it covers medium format tho, but it seems to be capable of it. comes with Emount first. No EF as the flange is too much. They plan to make Z, RF, L, GFX mount options. And possibly even LPL version. Note that it's not a Dulens product, it's neither compact nor cheap.

Okay, so from Adam, we're talking a lens that is half the price of the Nikon NOCT which is a $8,000 lens.  That's still a pretty expensive third party manual focus lens.  I guess we'll wait and see how good it is.  For more information, there are attached MTF's and other data as well.

Photo credit Adam Werton 

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