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Two (or more) cameras show up for registration
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Two (or more) cameras show up for registration

Nokishita-Camera and LetsGoDigital report that canon will announce soon at least what they consider the M50, and possibly a 2000D, 3000D, 4000D.

I have my suspicions that the different models are different colors of the same camera.  Especially considering that the lens packages are the same with the various models that Nokishita has mentioned.

The canon 1300D or T6 will be approximately 2 years old this spring.  Canon seems to replace this camera every two years or so, making a replacement coming up this spring to make a great deal of sense.

Going from 1300 to 2000 is a big jump, I wouldn't be surprised to see it end up being around the 1400 or 1500D just like it's predecessors.

This is considered Canon's lowest end camera, it's the one you see in kits for $399 and less, and sometimes even under $300 refurbished.  Don't expect alot of tech or features at this level.

It will be curious to see if Canon uses a DPAF sensor in this cheap of a camera.

On the M50 front, we finally get clarification that the M50 is coming out.  Nokishita mentions two colors, but one part number.  Canon usually seperates it's registration of different colors as different part numbers, so we'll have to keep a close eye on that.  Two colors means it would fall around the same as a M6 camera body, more colors a lower class camera such as the M100.  If this is just dual tone color of the same camera, we could be seeing a M5-like camera or an M5 replacement.

Translated from Nokshita-Camera:

  • EOS 2000D
    • Номер нотификации: RU0000034331
    • Digital single-lens reflex camera
    • Kit: Body, 18-55 IS II, 18-55 DC III
  • EOS 3000D
    • Номер нотификации: RU0000031323
    • Digital single-lens reflex camera
    • Kit: Body, 18-55 IS II, 18-55 DC III
  • EOS 4000D
    • Номер нотификации: RU0000033405
    • Kit: Body, 18-55 IS II, 18-55 DC III
  • EOS M50
    • Номер нотификации: RU0000034194
    • Color: Black / White
    • Kit: Body, 15-45 IS STM, Double Zoom, Double Lens (15-45 / 22), 18-150 IS STM
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