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What Canon is expected to announce next week for NAB
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What Canon is expected to announce next week for NAB

Canon is rumored to be announcing quite a few products and upgrades for this NAB.  Unlike year's past this year will be a busy one for Canon.

First up we have the C200.  Many have wanted the 4K internal non-RAW recording upgraded from 4:2:0 8 bit video, it appears as if they may be getting their wish as the C200 is rumored to be getting a 4:2:2 4K update. No word on the bit depth.  Has Canon finally listened to those that wished a much better internal recording codec in the C200

Rumors also suggest that the C300 Mark II replacement will have been delayed until summer time.  No word on whether or not Canon will do a development announcement but the timing is close enough between now and summer that we'll probably hear something either at the announcement or later during NAB.

With the Sony A7S III being rumored as possibly having a global shutter, and Nikon's Z6 and Z7 cameras getting RAW external recording via the Atomos Ninja V recorder, it's not much of a surprise that Canon is also expected to announce that they as well will offer RAW external recording to the Atomos Ninja through a future firmware update for the EOS R.  As we posted yesterday, Canon leaked this themselves either via a tweet they later deleted.

If that's not enough, Canon is also expected to announce some camcorders for the show.  The following camcorders are expected to be announced on April 3;

  • Canon XA40
  • Canon XA45
  • Canon XA50
  • Canon XA55
  • Canon HF G60

We should be hearing about all this sometime early next week, as the announcement is expected to happen on April 3rd.  Which could mean we'll hear about this sometime between April 2nd around 11PM EST to April 3rd sometime during the day.


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