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Canon Patent Application: Fully articulating screen refinement | Canon News
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Canon Patent Application: Fully articulating screen refinement
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Canon Patent Application: Fully articulating screen refinement

There seems to be a lot that goes into a fully articulating hinge, as this patent goes into the mechanical details on how such a hinge is constructed and a further refinement of the location of the illumination sensor and attempts to make the display panel smaller.

This patent has to do with varying the intensity of the backlight by the use of an illumination sensor and having the camera aware of how the hinge is turned to also affect the back-light intensity.  The goal is to make both the display portion of the articulating screen smaller, but still providing the ability to control the back-light intensity.

The translated description is quite awkward, you may find it easier to read it backwards ;)

Also when the surface where an illuminance detection sensor is arranged when the display device combined with the rotatable biaxial hinge is operated differs from the surface which the display device has turned to largely, an illuminance detection sensor will be interlocked with, and the brilliance control of a display device will be controlled by a prior art. that is, a luminance change of an unsuitable display device (TFT) is made -- like -- problem occurs. When the illuminance sensor was provided in the rotatable display unit, the problem that enlargement, i.e., a camera, will be enlarged by the display unit existed. 

Then, the object of this invention arranges an illuminance sensor to the dead space in a camera body, and miniaturizes a camera body. In addition, it is having the display device combined with the illuminance detection means and the rotatable biaxial hinge, and making suitable intensity control of the aforementioned display device the aforementioned illuminance detection means according to the position state of the above-mentioned rotatable biaxial hinge. 

Japan Patent Application 2018-133632

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