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The EOS RP preview and review compendium - Updated | Canon News
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The EOS RP preview and review compendium - Updated
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The EOS RP preview and review compendium - Updated

We will keep this page continually updated as new previews and reviews come in about the exciting new EOS RP.

If you want an EOS RP, then please check out the links to our preferred vendor, B&H Photo Video below:

RF Body Only (includes extension grip + EF adapter)
RF Kit - RF 24-105 + EF Adapter + extension grip
RF Kit - EF 24-104 IS STM + EF Adapter + extension grip

Now onto the good stuff... 

DPReview - Hands on preview

Update 02/14/2019 - PhotographyBlog Hands on Preview

Update 02/25/2019 - PhotographyBlog Sample Images (JPEG and RAW)

Update 02/15/2019 - Imaging Resource Canon RP Preview

Update 02/19/2019 - The Phoblographer - First Impressions

Update 02/19/2019 - Digital Camera Worl - Hands on EOS RP Review

Update 02/20/2019 - Ken Rockwell - EOS RP Review

Update 02/21/2019 - The Digital Picture - Canon EOS RP Review (significantly updated)

Update 02/21/2019 - FroKnowsPhoto - Canon EOS RP RAW Review

Update 02/21/2019 - CameraLabs - EOS RP Review

Update 02/24/2019 - TechRadar EOS RP Review

Update 02/24/2019 - DigitalTrends - EOS RP Review

Update 02/24/2019 - SLR Lounge - EOS RP Review

Update 03/04/2019 - PhotographyBlog - EOS RP Review

Want to watch videos instead - check out the included videos below;

Jared Polin

Updated 03/02/2019 - DPReview - Canon EOS RP Review

Updated 02/21/2019 - Jarid Polin - Canon EOS RP RAW Review

Updated 02/20/2019 - Lok Cheung - Hands on Quick "lok"

Updated 02/20/2019 - Peter Gregg - Canon hits another home run

Updated 02/20/2019 - Kai's comments on the EOS RP

Updated 02/18/2019 - Tony and Chelsea Northrup

Updated 02/18/2019 - DSLR Video Shooter

Updated 02/18/2019 - Matt WhoisMatt Johnson

Updated 02/18/2019 - Videomaker

Updated 02/18/2019 - The Art of Photography

Updated 02/18/2019 - PhotoRec TV

Updated 02/15/2019 - Georges CamerasTV


Gordon Laing - EOS RP review

B&H First Look

Dan Watson

Matthew Vandeputte

Updated 02/14/2019 - Canon Australia - RP versus the R

Canon USA's Videos

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