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New Rumor: Possible 90D specifications emerge, or do they?
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New Rumor: Possible 90D specifications emerge, or do they?

Between now and August there is bound to be a fair amount of wild rumors about the 90D.  Canon Rumors released a rumor today which even they state is "head scratcher"

According to Canon Rumors, the specifications of the upcoming 90D could possibly include the following specifications;

  • Mirrorless APS-C camera body
  • 31.2mp APS-C sensor
  • Shoots 4K with no crop (No mention of DPAF)
  • Has full coverage of the sensor for AF
  • 10fps
  • Can support live eyeAF in 4k and Full HD Video modes
  • LP-6N battery
  • Supports clean video to HDMI out

So what do we think? 

We suggested that the 90D may indeed be mirrorless if it contains IBIS last week, so this doesn't exactly surprise me.  However, this would possibly make less sense if it didn't include IBIS. However, consider that manufacturing of a mirrorless camera is bound to be less than that of a 10 fps DSLR.  Would it be weird for Canon to decide to make the EF mount also mirrorless after coming out with the RF mount? In a way, Canon supporting three different mirrorless mounts would certainly be confusing to the end consumer.  However, all three mounts offer something a bit different in terms of what they offer the consumer. The main takeaway to an EVF based EF mount camera is to use IBIS effectively.  A DSLR simply cannot. But this does not appear to include IBIS, as it's not mentioned, and that certainly would be a very important feature.  So a mirrorless 90D. Maybe.  I would personally be a little surprised by it.

Shooting 4K without a crop been mentioned before as coming to the 90D, so having it show up in a specifications sheet, seems possible, especially with the G9X Mark III shooting at 20fps at 20MP or 400MP/sec possible throughput.  The same really with 10fps, as this has been mentioned before in these preliminary specifications for the 90D.  So these are possible specifications, or just simply putting together information from other low rated rumors all into one possible rumor.

The sensor megapixels is a bit of an oddity A possible 32.5 MP sensor has been leaked before.   The 32.5 was the actual RAW image size, so it's unlikely to be the difference between effective and actual pixels.  Since the 32.5MP was derived right from Canon's own software, that seems more likely than 31.2MP.  Of course, since Canon makes these sensors themselves, it could be any amount of megapixels that they finally decide on. 

As far as the other specifications, to be honest, they appear to be fluff - as Canon cameras all support that now, plus they use LP-E6N batteries (could be a typo, we've done worse typos).

I'm not sure how credible this rumor is, it appears to take a bunch of information that was proposed of before, and rolled it into one rumor.  I think we'll end up seeing alot of these until the 90D comes out.  I personally wouldn't get too set in stone in what to think about the 90D until things firm up closer to the end of August, and I certainly wouldn't be expecting any particular feature going by specifications you are seeing now.


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