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Canon M5 Mark II and M6 Mark II possibly coming
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Canon M5 Mark II and M6 Mark II possibly coming

In a new rumor from Canon rumors, it's mentioned that both the M5 Mark II and the M6 Mark II are on their way.

While we've heard that the M5 Mark II has been coming for a while now, the M6 Mark II is a new twist.

From the rumor both cameras will have;

  • Internal product name (Project Nacho).
  • Both cameras will have a similar EVF to the Canon RP.
  • No crop in 4K video.
  • Supports high frame rates for slow-motion video.

The odd specification is that both of these cameras will get EVF's.  The video features would certainly please some people.

Usually, Canon tries to keep the overall core features the same on a "Mark" version of the camera.  While some ergonomics may change the core fundamentals of the camera usually do not.  Which is why the G7X Mark III, for instance, didn't receive an EVF, while the G5X Mark II did. The G7X line never had an EVF.  It would seem weird for Canon to decide to add an EVF to the "M6 Mark II" as it would diverge from what the M6 really was, which was an EVF-less M5.  I suggest, therefore, that this rumor has very low credibility.  Even Canon Rumors agrees, having assigned the rumor it's lowest rating, CR1.

Over the next month, we're going to get a fair amount of rumors surrounding what Canon has planned, but it should be noted, that Canon has kept leaks down to a minimum in the last few years, so take what you hear with a grain of salt, and a healthy dose of skepticism.

Time will tell..

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