Canon R7 Review

Canon R7 Review

Anyone surprised they didn't like the joystick?

Amateur Photographer UK did a full review of the R7.  The R7 (and corresponding R10) form beginnings of Canon's reluctant entry into APS-C sensor size on the RF mount.

As with any camera - it's all about the lenses, and I'm sorry Canon dropped the ball badly here. I still don't know what they were thinking.  Canon has many many brilliant minds, so I'm sure there was a method to their madness. 

The review is positive and they conclude with the following pros and cons and conclusion;


  • Compact, high-speed camera
  • High-resolution sensor
  • Rapid and reliable AF tracking
  • Weather-sealed camera body*
  • In-body image stabilisation (IBIS)
  • High-quality 4K video
  • 15/30fps continuous


  • Very limited range of RF-S lenses
  • Rear joystick / command wheel takes some getting used to
  • 2.36m dot EVF is somewhat low-resolution for the price
  • Kit lenses aren’t weather sealed


Overall, in our time with the Canon EOS R7, the camera performed almost flawlessly, with great results possible, with the only issues being the lack of lens choice. Whether you’re looking for a camera for stills or video, the high-speed and high-quality output of the R7 certainly makes for an appealing camera, however, without additional lenses it could easily feel limiting.

Read the full review here

Order the EOS R7 here

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