DXO states that the R5 is a not a bad camera
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DXO states that the R5 is a not a bad camera

For what it's worth DXO got done the R5 finally, and yes, it's Canon's "best" sensor score to date, with a nebulous ninety-five.  The top camera, the Panasonic S1R, has a score of an even 100.  What's the difference? According to DXO, around 1/6 of a stop of difference. Nothing important.

This is well, I guess, cool.

What I do find interesting is how much Canon has squeezed out of older fabrication assembly equipment.  They aren't using state of the art (in terms of sensors anyways) equipment.  At the best, they are using 180nm with quad metal processes (the fourth being copper) - which probably accounts for the speed increase we've seen from Canon sensors for the last little while.  However, they are by all reports still using front-side illumination, as I'm sure they'd be bragging about it if they went backside illuminated.  In other words, they haven't taken a serious technology leap since they started developing CMOS sensors.  They've simply honed, improved, and found clever ways of making more out of less along the way.

The R5 does all this with the ability to also shoot up to 12 fps with a mechanical shutter, and up to 20 fps with an electronic shutter, which adds the further capability for the photographer.

DXO states;

As for sensor performance, the EOS R5 sensor represents a high water mark for Canon. Maximum dynamic range is competitive with the best in class, and the R5 sensor offers a useful advantage at some crucial ISO settings over its rivals. It also has excellent color and low noise at high ISOs, which all go toward making the Canon EOS R5 one of the most well-rounded performers in this important category. It may have taken a while to get here, but the Canon EOS R5 looks set to be the one to beat.

Read more about DXO's findings here

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