The Canon EOS R7 is coming (Again)
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The Canon EOS R7 is coming (Again)

According to the latest rumor the Canon APS-C camera, the R7 (which apparently the name is now confirmed) is finally coming late this year.

The 7 carries obvious significance given the EOS 7D pedigree; it's also a good sign that this will not be your garden variety cheap APS-C camera body to sell to the masses.

I honestly expected it to be a higher-end APS-C camera to satisfy the birding and sports photographers starved for reach, so this latest rumor comes as no great surprise.

We have yet to hear anything about any APS-C image circle lenses for the camera, but also consider that Canon for some bizarre reason to this day originally shipped the 7D with the 28-135mm full-frame lens.  So clearly Canon never seemed to worry much about APS-C lenses and the 7D lineup.

What do I expect this camera to look and be like? As with the 5D and the 7D I fully expect this camera to be the twin of the R5, including similar feature sets.

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