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Canon reaffirms that a "Pro" Canon RF camera is coming
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Canon reaffirms that a "Pro" Canon RF camera is coming

During an interview with Digital Camera World, Canon stated;

“There’s a high-end EOS R in consideration,” said Canon UK’s product intelligence consultant, David Parry. “So we are considering bringing a high end EOS R to the market.

“If we do, it will have dual card slots, it will be that sort of level, and under development is in-body image stabilization. So we are looking at this technology, it is in development with us.”

This is more of a reaffirmation that yes, Canon is looking at higher-end Canon RF models.  When Canon says they are considering, it's as good as it gets as Canon rarely fully confirms future products (they did surprisingly with the EOS RP).

We know of two such "more professional" models that are currently in development;

  1. Flagship - 1 series RF mount Camera.  This model is due to come out in 2021.  Expect it to look, act, behave, smell the same as a 1 series EF camera.  Canon would be crazy not to want a seamless transfer of professionals from the 1 series EF cameras to the RF mount.
  2. "Professional" High MP R camera.  This is supposedly right now anyways, the high megapixel RF camera.  I suspect Canon will follow the same route as the 5D series here, with ultimately two very similar cameras, one moderate resolution, and one high resolution.

I don't like what seems to the trend of lumping both of those cameras into one magical "professional" EOS R camera. While it's only my opinion, common sense would indicate that;

  • 1 series ergonomics will stay with the 1 series camera bodies for both EF and RF mounts.
  • There needs to be another line of cameras for professionals and mortals that still has professional qualities and a more prosumer ergonomics. (Think 5D and 5Ds here)

The interview also confirms that the RF mount is necessary for Dual-IS (in body image stabilization) and (in lens stabilization) to work together.  This we gathered from the extensive collection of patent applications we have discovered that indicate a high amount of data traffic between the camera and the lens.  One of the design goals of the RF mount was a much higher rate of communication.

From Canon;

“I think in-body IS is really exciting for us, if we do bring it to market and it does come across, I think it could be really good and I think it says something about our [EOS] R series,” Parry continued.

“Remember I was saying about the [RF-mount] lenses and about the [speed of] lens communication, and we’ve just launched the 15-35 and 24-70 and 70-200 f/2.8, all IS. If you’ve got that coupled with in-body IS as well – and also we’ve got digital IS systems as well – I think that could be really, really exciting.”

Next year will be an exciting year for Canon.  It's a combination of Olympics, Canon EXPO and the first of the May Photokina events.  We expect many products from Canon next year.


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