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New Rumor: Initial Specifications of the high MP EOS R emerge | Canon News
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New Rumor: Initial Specifications of the high MP EOS R emerge
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New Rumor: Initial Specifications of the high MP EOS R emerge

It appears as if our discovery of the patent application from Canon about the 83MP sensor has shaken loose some other information about the upcoming high resolution EOS R camera.

We expect this camera out in early 2020, with both PhotoKina and CP+ being the two main dates to plan around, however, this could slip to Canon EXPO in August / September as well.  It would be fitting if it was at Canon EXPO because the last Canon EXPO Canon announced the development of a 120MP DSLR.

From Canon Rumors, we have the following initial specifications of what may be the EOS Rs;

  • A slightly larger body and grip than the EOS R
  • 80mp full-frame image sensor
  • A “new style” of joystick
  • Larger LCD than the EOS R
  • Larger viewfinder than the EOS R
  • The “viewfinder” can be tilted up and down (We’re not sure if this was the LCD screen or the EVF, we have reached out for some clarification)
  • Dual SD card slots
  • No video specifications are known

80MP would be about right for this as 83MP would be the "actual" pixels, and usually, the photography region is slightly smaller than that, as Canon has rows and columns of pixels that it keeps for black level calculations.

According to Canon Rumors, this information was based upon a prototype camera that the person had access to.

Since this is a fair ways away from any possible announcement from Canon, take all specifications with a grain of salt.  Canon can and may change specifications or even have multiple prototypes developed before settling on the final version.

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