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Canon Rumors: A new style of camera being tested?
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Canon Rumors: A new style of camera being tested?

Canon Rumors reports that a new style of camera is possibly coming in Sept 2018 for photokina.

This honestly does not surprise me.  One thing about the hybrid video and stills cameras to date is that they are high unergonomic for the tasks in which the cameras are placed in, mainly a combination of video and a stills.  Because of their original background, most cameras we see in this segment are very much still suited more to stills photography with the erogonomics of video bolted on as almost an afterthought.

Canon cameras can be argued are usually highly ergonomic and capable, so Canon should definately be looking at ways to improve this from what we have now.

The XC10/15 form factor was a first attempt at providing such a melting between stills and video and it wouldn't seem unusual for Canon to continue it and adapt it further.

As we reported back in November, Canon certainly has patented a new mount unlock system for such a camera body, showing in detail what seems to be an XC15 with an interchangable mount.

Canon Rumors reports;

A new Canon camera is currently in the testing phase, we’re unsure if it has made its way in the hands of any of the Explorers of Light photographers. Apparently. it’s like nothing seen previously from Canon. This information came from someone who saw one of the test cameras. There are no specifications or mention of whether or not it’s a video or stills camera, but we did get some interesting descriptions about the appearance of the camera.

  • The camera looks “substantially dissimilar” from any other Canon camera body
  • A large DSLR-like hand-grip and is deeper/thicker than any of the existing mirrorless bodies, but doesn’t look like a DSLR at all.
  • A “modern looking” square LCD top screen, with options to display different screens and menus.
  • Announcement date internally is scheduled for September, 2018.

This could the start of an entirely new generation of hybrid stills and video cameras, or Canon floating out another idea for simply even a stills base camera.

We shall see!


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