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New Rumor: Canon APS-C EOS R still being considered
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New Rumor: Canon APS-C EOS R still being considered

A new rumor surfaced today from Canon rumors which states that Canon is considering the possibility of an EOS RF mount APS-C camera, especially because of the lack of a "7D" in Canon's new mirrorless lineup.

This is of course, certainly possible, as we've long time mentioned that Canon has caused themselves considerable problems with the 7D.

For starters, as we talked about here, you can't just merge the 90D and the 7D together, someone will be unhappy with the end result no matter what you do.

Secondly, the EF-M mount isn't a desirable mount for a 7D because if the nature of the lenses, limited to consumer only glass and a small variety of primes.

So where do you put the 7D? 

Common sense would dictate you'd put it on the EOS-R mount.  However, one thing that strikes me as interesting, is that the same rumor suggests that their no plans for RF-S or cropped camera lenses to go with the EOS-R mounted 7D.  Well, this is silly.  Basically what it's saying is that no one uses wide-angle or normal lenses on a cropped 7D'ish camera.

The concept of a 7D is for sports and wildlife, but also someone that wants as close to the 1 or 5 series as you can get without spending the money for that series of full frame camera.  The 7D was originally a continuation and improvement over the 20 to 50D series cameras, which were used by many different professionals, not only just sports and wildlife shooters.  You wouldn't even have a "normal zoom" lens for the 7D, as the 24-70 would turn into an effective 38mm to 112mm lens. Contrary to my belief though, is that the 7D originally shipped with a 28-135mm full-frame lens and not a cropped EF-S lens. Later the 7D also was kitted with the 18-135mm lens, as was the 7D Mark II.  The 7D Mark II dropped the 28-135mm as a kit lens.  However 7D users had a wealth of EF-S lenses to choose from, such as the 10-22mm and the 17-55mm F2.8.

It would be very easy for instance, for Canon to take the EF-M lenses and "port" them to the RF mount.  They would have to add in the RF niceties such as the control dial on the lens, and the RF mount protocol electronics, but the core optics could remain the same.  So there is little reason for Canon not to come up with RF-S lenses for the 7D and other APS-C cropped RF cameras.

Time will tell.

One thing to consider, in the midst of planning, I'm sure Canon "considers" every possible solution.

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