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New Rumor: Canon RF mount APS-C camera coming in 2021
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New Rumor: Canon RF mount APS-C camera coming in 2021

The on again off again rumor of the Canon RF APS-C camera is back on again, this time for later in 2021.

No details other than this is a more premium, higher end camera - most likely for those birders that keeping nagging for a 7D body on the RF mount ;)

Of course with this, the comments evolve around this killing off the EOS-M.  It should be noted that there is no indications that Canon is making RF APS-C lenses at all.  While they can get away with using full frame lenses, they don't compete well against the Sony and Fuji's of the world where size is actually important.  The Nikon Z50 attempts to compete, and certainly as a camera as small as the EOS-M's showing that it certainly can be done with a large mount.  But, however, the feeling of the camera is a little more cramped than say, a Sony or an M6 Mark II with a little wider spacing between grip and lens mount.  It's simply hard to compete in that target market when size is the premier importance.

All you have to do is read reviews of the EOS-R5 and how it's basically a wildlife cheat-mode camera, and you can see that Canon's intentions are to move people up to full frame, even for wildlife photography.

o, in a way, I think this rumor is good for a "birder RF" camera, which is more or less a one-off, until Canon can convince everyone including the birders to go to full-frame.  The camera can be made bigger (but according to rumor, not as big as the R5) simply because it's not in the realm of competing with size, since the users are using super telephoto primes or zooms, and relish larger grips and heavier cameras. 

The only thing that strikes me as odd for this camera is there's specific mention that it would be smaller than an R5 and R6.  Why there would be a distinction of size, when a mirrorbox and EVF viewfinder is the same regardless of sensor size, I don't know.  It also doesn't make sense for the camera if it's a focal reach camera which it seems to imply by stating a camera built around speed.

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