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New Rumor: Canon R5s in select hands for testing
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New Rumor: Canon R5s in select hands for testing

Apparently it was just an oversight that they forgot to send one to me ;)  This is the camera that I'm waiting for.

According to CanonRumors, the EOS R5s is somewhere around 90MP and is in select photographer's hands for testing.

This was originally supposed to come out this fall, but with COVID, and the fact that there seems to be a heightened sense of urgency around the heating in the R5 and R6, there may not be the same schedule as before.

As well as the resolution increase from the R5, the R5s is also rumored to sport an even higher resolution EVF than the R5.

Beacuse of the R5, we now know that this camera could, with a reduced bit depth shoot up to 10 fps.  Imagine that, your 1.6 crop factor on this camera is 34MP as well.  This is potentially the ultimate camera for many as it should be able to do many things well, and also provide an insane amount of image data to work with.

I know a lot of you will think "90Mp is too much for me", but it's very much like all the brouhaha over video.  The more megapixels (or megapickles) that you have the more you can oversample your stills image.   Since we take images on a bayer sensor and that gets demosaiced down to a final image - there's still interpolation and color inaccuracies that can occur.  That's why some of us love foveon sensors.  Having 90MP allows us to oversample our images.  Oversampling increases your tonality, contrast, and simply, your image quality.  Granted you have to store those massive 90MP raws somewhere, and that will take up space.

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