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New Rumor: Canon to release up to 3 APS-C EOS-RF Cameras
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New Rumor: Canon to release up to 3 APS-C EOS-RF Cameras

It's a new quarter, and another EOS-M will die rumor for you.

According to CanonRumors, who does mention this is a CR1 (low quality) rumor, Canon will announce three camera bodies, the R7, R8 and R9, all sporting APS-C sensors.

I think this rumor is pretty low quality, for starters the naming convention.  Single digit cameras are considered Canon's more professional cameras, a low entry level APS-C camera most likely isn't going to be a signal digit camera.

I would suspect that we'd see naming similar to the EOS-M, which settled on single digits for the higher end (R7), double digits for the middle ground (R10), and the absolute beginner models being three digits (R100).

Again, this rumor looks okay, but since we haven't heard of any APS-C lenses coming out in the next 1-2 years, I simply cannot see three camera bodies and no APS-C lenses.  A full-frame 18-45mm is not going to be an adequate kit lens for a low-cost entry APS-C camera in terms of size, and also in terms of price.  The EOS-M M200 sells for $550 including the kit lens.  This means that Canon actually manufacturers that camera for most likely around $225-$300.  Including the lens.  A full frame 18-45mm lens by itself isn't going to fit into that manufacturing cost, let alone a camera body.

I personally don't think Canon is that interested in playing the APS-C game whether it be EF-S, EOS-M or even for the RF mount.  The APS-C sensor was originally developed because it was simply cost-effective in the days that sensors were expensive and yields were lower.  Now, with 18+ years of sensor development and advancement that's no longer really the case.  I do think Canon will do a one-off camera like the rumors have suggested before - simply for the people that wish for a more economical reach camera for telephoto, but I'm not convinced of an entire line of APS-C cameras.  Will the Rebel line continue? Of course, but the Rebel line in film was, yes, 35mm, not a cropped format.  I fully and completely expect the new RP and the full frame camera underneath that to be a Rebel camera.

Personally? I would LOVE this lineup of R7 through R9, (or most likely R7 through R100) with Canon then creating RF versions of the EOS-M lenses by simply changing the mount.  I'm just not sure their heart is in it though.

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