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The Plot Thickens: Did Canon make the R3 sensor?
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The Plot Thickens: Did Canon make the R3 sensor?

Someone brought this to my attention tonight (thank you).  Canon in both the USA and Japan had simply stated that Canon had developed the sensor for the R3. However, Canon UK went a step further and declared that it was designed and manufactured by Canon. However, without any warning, that wording has disappeared and Canon UK states (as do many other regions) that it's a Canon-developed sensor.

What could this mean? Well my initial thought was - could this be like a Nikon sensor that they state that they "develop" the sensor, but it's really just a Sony sensor with perhaps some color filter array tweaks?  Is this just a Sony sensor? It would make sense that Canon may have bit the bullet if they weren't ready internally with their own manufacturing.  It was a complete surprise that Canon managed to both develop and manufacturer a stacked sensor considering they haven't even made a BSI sensor themselves yet.

It could also mean something else; Canon could be manufacturing part of the sensor (the upper substrate) that can easily be done on their equipment, and they could have outsourced the fabrication of the other layers that usually use much smaller design rules.  Technically, if they split the development between themselves and someone else, then technically it's not a 100% Canon manufactured sensor.  They could have also outsourced the entire fabrication to some company not-named-Sony.

In the past, Canon has sometimes not clearly stated that it's Canon manufactured sensor but most times they certainly do if it's their own.

(photo/screencapture credit to dclife) Larger image is displayed below

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