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New Rumor: Tilt-shift lenses coming with a high megapixel camera in 2022
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New Rumor: Tilt-shift lenses coming with a high megapixel camera in 2022

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the disruption of supply chains around the world, and to add to that ongoing chip shortages Canon's 2021 lens roadmap that we featured here, seems to have stretched well into 2022.  

A new rumor from CanonRumors suggest that two of the tilt-shift lenses; a 14mm F4L and a 24mm F3.5L will support for the first time, tilt-shift with autofocus (though I'm wondering how the camera body will identify and handle this, to be honest - it could be the lenses only autofocus un-tilted).  As well, these two lenses are now rumored to come out with a high-resolution camera that we've been calling the 5Rs.  We do expect this camera to have somewhere in between 80 and 120MP of sensor resolution. 

I'm a little excited to see both the new TS-R 14mm.  The TS-E 17mm burst onto the scenes in 2011 and stated emphatically; the days of Canon not able to make great wide-angle lenses are officially over. I expect this lens to carry on the optical excellence of the TS-E 17mm, and hopefully, surpass it, while being by far the widest rectilinear lens in existence for full-frame (reaching around 8.5mm and a 128degree field of view) for its full image circle.

No further details are known at this time, as it's nearly a year until these lenses and this camera will be released.  I would expect it to be at the minimum a BSI sensor, and it could very well be stacked since it seems Canon now has the capability of doing either. I would also expect it able to reach speeds of around 8 to 10 fps.


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