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Canon Executives confirm that the 1DX Mark III is the last flagship DLSR.
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Canon Executives confirm that the 1DX Mark III is the last flagship DLSR.

There seems to be some confusion about this article swirling around the internet. 

Canon's Chairman and CEO Fujio Mitarai has recently stated in an interview (here) that the EOS-1DX Mark III is the last flagship DLSR.  The article states;

Canon's SLR flagship model is known as the "EOS-1" series, the first of which appeared in 1989. The latest model "EOS-1D X Mark 3" released in 2020 will be the last model in fact.

However, the articles go on the indicate that this isn't true about the beginner and intermediate SLRs such as the Rebel SLR and 90D line.  Which in this case, Fujio Mitarai states;

Demand for beginner and intermediate SLR cameras is strong overseas, so we plan to continue development and production for the time being.

So no, the 1DX Mark III is not the last DSLR made by Canon, and also; Canon is not completely shutting down DSLRs in both production and also development.

Canon has mentioned many times that the R3 is not a flagship series 1 camera and that a series 1 RF camera is coming, so in a way, this should come as no surprise. If there is a 1 series RF camera, Canon would not waste the resources and development on making a 1 series EF camera at the same time.  

However, Canon isn't exactly dumb, they realize that people are still purchasing Rebels (believe it or not) and that they will continue both the production and most interestingly, the development of SLRs that meet that demand.  Keep in mind though that Canon specifically didn't mention prosumer or professional-grade cameras such as the 7D or the 5D series. It's very likely that they have also followed the path of the 1DX Mark III.

If anything this article reaffirms that Canon's business model is basically if people are buying it, they will continue to make it. Whether that be the Rebel EF-S lineup, or the EOS-M lineup.


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