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EOS R Mark II coming in 2020?
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EOS R Mark II coming in 2020?

A couple of new EOS R rumors hit the ground running today.

The first rumor from Canon Rumors, claims that the EOS R is in field testing and will come out before PhotoKina next year.  The source claims that it will closely follow the ergonomics of the EOS Rs (high resolution EOS RF camera).

Well, this starts to make more sense - the EOS R Mark II and the EOS Rs would then be similar to the EOS 5D and 5Ds on the EF camera lineup.  This is something that we've been suggesting all along, that Canon will have a high and low resolution camera bodies similar to the 5D line that exists on the EF mount.

Replacing a camera in less than 2 years isn't a stretch for Canon.  They used it to do it before with the Rebels, and the EOS M and M2 were replaced all in less than 1.5 years.

The second rumor of the day suggests that the next EOS R will have IBIS.  Which should be good news to those that have been waiting for it.  We saw an interesting post over the weekend, but were highly amused by the post's breathless suggestion that this was the only IBIS patent that Canon has filed.  Especially considering, that we've found all these.  That source has little credibility with us.  However, I'm not sure if the IBIS rumor is floating around because of that post.  The timing seems to suggest that it may.  It does make sense for the upscale version of the R to have IBIS, and it does also make sense for it to share the same ergonomics as the EOS Rs.

I think the only surprise for us, would be that Canon would change the form and function dramatically of the EOS R Mark II versus create a new model.  Of course, Canon may call the camera something different than the EOS R Mark II, the important element, is that it may be coming soon.


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