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Interview: Canon will make cameras above and below EOS R / EOS RP
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Interview: Canon will make cameras above and below EOS R / EOS RP

The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun sat down with Canon Executive officer Tsuyoshi Tokura to discuss the decreasing market in camera sales.

Tsuyoshi notes that the EOS Kiss M (EOS M50) is very popular, and notes;

.. A higher purchase ratio of women in Japan, KissM albeit contributed to the acquisition of a new layer and, improvement of youth and women ratio is difficult also important that not tied to the form of the existing camera.

I think this is important, and an important feature of the EOS-M that goes left understated, that Canon is focusing the EOS-M on newer opportunities in the market, and not as much the enthusiast.  Youth and women are key strategic growth areas that Canon still sees.

For the EOS-R Tsuyoshi mentions that sales are still limited, but Canon is going to increase sales with models above and below the current EOS R and EOS RP;

The EOS R system equipped with a 35mm full-size image sensor still has a limited number of people to enjoy. Expansion of the system is the most important issue. (Expanding performance, price, etc.) Expand to areas above and below the current model[s]. 

It certainly sounds like Canon is suggesting that there may be more models under the EOS R - will Canon work out an entire lineup similar to the EF film days from consumer to 1 series for the RF mount? it's certainly possible.  None of this seems to suggest APS-C, which seems a hot button lately.  Consider that with Canon making their own sensors, and more of the assembly becoming automated, Canon can create cameras at almost any price level they want to.

For those in dismay over the price of Canon RF lenses, Canon is aware of this as well. 

We are aware of affordable price, small size and light weight. We want to propose a unique lens that could not be prepared with a single lens reflex camera. We will provide a lens that can provide feedback to image quality. The use of lens information for image processing can be further evolved. EOS R Pursuing the point that only the system can do

Canon wants to create affordable lenses, small and lightweight, and also suggests that some lenses could be made that are impossible with a DSLR.  I'm not sure what the statement is about providing image quality feedback, perhaps IS shake?

The lens information, most likely means DLO, as it continues to evolve - one of the features of the RF lenses is that they can bake the DLO profile into the lens.  Perhaps there's a future which each lens will have its own custom profile.

Tsuyoshi was asked about the future flagship mirrorless model, and he didn't shy away from it;

It must be a product that surpasses past performance. Mirrorless development will continue to pursue“ rapid, comfortable, high image quality ”. Video performance is also attracting consumers' attention.

Nice to hear that video performance is mentioned, even though it seems to attract the most noise for a feature in a stills camera these days, it would be nice to quiet down the angst.

Canon continues to push the boundaries about what it can do with automation and lens automation is no different.  Already some high end L lenses have a high percentage of assembly done using Canon's automated assembly lines.  Canon, according to Tsuyoshi is continuing to evolve this technology;

In order to pursue high accuracy, increase the yield of non-defective products, and reduce manufacturing costs, we need to incorporate automation. We are working from the optimal process one after another. Compared to body manufacturing, automation of interchangeable lens manufacturing is more The hurdles are high due to the characteristics of the company, and we are working hard towards automation.

Read more from the article at Newswitch.

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