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5DayDeal wants to advance your Photography this year
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5DayDeal wants to advance your Photography this year

Let's face it.. 2020 has been pretty nuts.  (I had another word for "nuts" but decided it may offend some readers).  Why not spend the time and advance and hone your photography skills.  5DayDeal Photography Bundle is just a great way to do that. What caught my eye this year was the MasterClasses.  I'm going to get this just for the classes.  You have to buy the complete bundle for all 3 masterclasses, but that's nearly a 75% savings on just the masterclasses alone, not including all the other goodies you get.  Street photography is the one I'm most interested in. While I finally got into street photography in Hanoi - it's certainly a discipline I need to work at more.

On top of that, this raises a ton of money for charities.  Charities, especially this year can use all the help they can get.

Go here and purchase today.

Here's some of the items you get with just the basic bundle, and you get more of you purchase the other bundles and save even more!

Product   Value

SmugMug .com picture

SmugMug Portfolio Account*

6 Months Membership - *New Customers Only

By SmugMug .com


Kelby One picture

Scott Kelby's Complete Bundle

Learn Photoshop in 1 Hour, Just One Flash, Beginners Start Here & Lightroom Preset Pack Vol.1

By Kelby One


Matt Granger picture

Dramatic Single Light Portraiture

By Matt Granger


Plotaverse App picture

Plotaverse • Pro Annual

12mth Subscription

By Plotaverse App


Jerry Ghionis picture

Magic With Any Light

By Jerry Ghionis


Mads Peter Iversen picture

Time Blending Photoshop Tutorial & Complex Masking Photoshop Tutorial

By Mads Peter Iversen


Nigel Danson picture

How To Photograph Landscapes In All Lighting Conditions

By Nigel Danson


Joel Grimes picture

One Light Masterclass

By Joel Grimes


PHLEARN .com picture

PHLEARN Ultimate Lightroom Preset and LUT Bundle



SLR Lounge picture

Lighting 101 | Introduction to Flash Photography

By SLR Lounge


Sebastian Michaels picture

Shooting Digital LIKE FILM

By Sebastian Michaels


Jessica Drossin picture

Jessica Drossin Beautiful World Foundations

2020 Version

By Jessica Drossin


Nicole S. Young picture

Creative Control 1 & 2

Lightroom Presets

By Nicole S. Young


Lara Jade picture

Essential Color Photoshop Actions

Set I & Set II

By Lara Jade


photoshopCAFE .com picture

Photoshop 2020 Actions and Automation Training Course, plus Video in Photoshop

(A Photographer & Designer's Guide)

By photoshopCAFE .com


Gavin Hardcastle picture

Composition Made Easy – Chapter 1 & 2 Plus, Frozen Waterfall Photography Tutorial

By Gavin Hardcastle


Jimmy McIntyre picture

Jimmy's Big 5 Photos Course

By Jimmy McIntyre


Ryan Dyar picture

Capture the Night

By Ryan Dyar


Serge Ramelli picture

Sky Replacement Pro

By Serge Ramelli


Christopher O’Donnell picture

Tone and Detail for Lightroom

By Christopher O’Donnell


Nick Page picture

Essential Photoshop for Landscape Photography

By Nick Page


contrastly .com picture

The Complete Lightroom & ACR Presets Bundle

By contrastly .com


Dave Cross picture

Photoshop Essentials for Photographers

By Dave Cross


Chris Orwig picture

The Easy Way to Learn Photoshop

By Chris Orwig


Piet Van den Eynde picture

Location Lighting Masterclass

By Piet Van den Eynde


Excire Inc. picture

Excire Foto

Manage find share - simple and fast

By Excire Inc.



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