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Engaget review of the EOS RP
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Engaget review of the EOS RP

Engadget tested the EOS RP and didn't like it at all.  We all know the reasons.  Don't like the video and don't like the old sensor.

However, I think this review is again, looking at the camera from an enthusiasts perspective.   I would imagine that for instance, Canon feels that most of the users of this camera probably shoot JPEG only. Making the sensor, and possibly the camera more than adequate for the task.

I do agree that Canon really needed to make a 24-85 3.5-5.6 or something similar to sell this camera with.  Equipping with an RF 24-105 while giving excellent IQ with a great lens, makes it unwieldy and less compact not to mention it all of a sudden becomes expensive.

Even though it's relatively cheap at $1,299, I don't think the EOS RP is a great value. What I like most about the RF mount is the excellent new lenses, but it costs $2,199 with a native RF 24-105mm lens. You can go cheaper with an adapter and EF lens, but that's a waste of the system. If you're aware of its limitations, however, it could be a good first full-frame camera that consistently delivers sharp photos.

I think that summary hits the mark.  It's a good and fun first camera and should be looked at it from that, however then the review goes off and really shows a problem with scope;

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for Canon to really show what it can really do with the RF system. Hopefully, the next model will have in-body stabilization, dual card slots and real 4K to go along with that stellar Dual Pixel autofocus system.

I'm not sure what this has to do with the EOS RP review.

Anyways read the full review here

If you buy the EOS RP, because as I feel, it's a fun little compact full frame camera that gets out of your way, just don't expect it to replace an EOS R at $1299 though.  Since you get the EF adapter for free, if you're on a budget I'd suggest the EOS RP body, and pick up the Canon EF 40mm and 50mm primes as a good cheap starting point.

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