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Luminar AI is here
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Luminar AI is here

Luminar AI has been released to the general public.  It promises to speed up workflow and editing using artificial intelligence.

The core AI features include;

  • Composition AI finds a perfect composition for your picture in one click
  • Enhance AI builds a brightness map of your photo, analyses and finds the uneven lightning and colours in your image, and then helps you balance those regions with a simple slider
  • Sky AI automatically detects and changes the sky, and also adjusts the lightning to match the sky. We have a ready to use set of skies, but you are always free to add your own.
  • Atmosphere AI is one of the most advanced tools that reconstructs your 2D image in 3D in order to add realistic atmospheric effects. You can fill your picture with realistic looking fog, haze or mist.

Luminar also includes other additions such as Body, Iris, Face, Skin, Bokeh and Structure to assist with your photography goals.

Luminar AI can also be purchased alongside a Luminar X Membership.  This includes an additional $59 annual charge.

Luminar X includes monthly 'creative assets,' 8 professional photo courses per year, a bonus course available at the time of purchase, 10 new Templates per month, 10 new Sky Textures per month, and a 15% discount on all items purchased in the Luminar Marketplace.

You can purchase Luminar AI with a $10 coupon (use: CANONNEWS at the checkout).  See more about Luminar AI here.

We've included a bunch of Luminar videos below to help you make your decision.

As well, here's a video from Trey Ratcliff someone I've always respected in terms of HDR photography.

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