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New Rumor: New 24MP sensor coming out soon
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New Rumor: New 24MP sensor coming out soon

A new rumor surfaced that Canon will be looking at an all-new 24MP sensor will begin in Canon’s next DLSR and mirrorless APS-C cameras.  This was also briefly mentioned in the past, even just yesterday with the Canon EOS M5.  It's highly unlikely that a new M5 will be launched without a new sensor from Canon.

We honestly have no idea what Canon could decide to do with the next generation of sensors. We know they have done a lot of research, but how much of that research have they taken to the point of getting the manufacturing yields high enough for the next generation of sensor we certainly don't know.

Canon’s current 24MP APS-C sensor is “competitive”. It’s not class leading but it’s close enough that for most photography, you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between a Sony and a Canon sensor.  Photographically Canon’s sensors are most likely within the realms of diminishing returns.  Any improvements will be slight, and the cost will be high to implement.

If Canon is concerned about where their sensors are going for video, then performance is one of the main key takeaways.  They simply must get faster at reading data off the sensor.  Even if they introduce line skipping, right now they can’t read sensors fast enough.  The slower you read off the sensor, the greater the rolling shutter effect.  They also must get faster at reading the entire sensor as electronic shutter options become more prevalent in their camera bodies.

We expect that we’ll start to see signs of what they may implement before they release an APS-C camera with a new sensor.  The G7X Mark III is still rumored to come out in 2019, and that one may feature an updated 20MP 1” sensor designed by Canon.  If it does, this will be the highest tech sensor that Canon has developed and should give us clues to how Canon will proceed with its next generation of full frame and APS-C cameras.


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