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UPDATED: Tilta Cooling System now available for the EOS R5
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UPDATED: Tilta Cooling System now available for the EOS R5

Tilta has officially released its cooling fan addon for the R5 and the R6 cameras.

The fan is attached to the back of the camera behind where you park the LCD display. In its cooling position the LCD must be out, however, the fan can flip down so that you can still close the LCD.  The entire unit when attached to the R5 or R6 may be a bit more awkward to transport as you have this fan hanging down under your camera.  There is no mention about whether or not the fan can be quickly detached for when you have zero use for it (say you are just shooting photos all day in moderate climate).

I'm not sure how well this device would work.  It contains what appears to be a Peltier cooler to actively cool the back of the camera, however, it is still reliant on the heat being efficiently moved to the back of the camera.

It appears as if the device can be powered by USB-C and also features an EXT port to control the device. It has two modes of operation on the fan speed as well (Hi, Low and Off).

It looks like a pretty well-designed and good-looking add-on to your R5 and R6.  But there is a catch.  Tiltaing makes zero claims about its ability to do its job.  So no scientific data showing an R5 with and without it operating.  So if you buy it, be prepared to toss out $165 until more reviews start to happen about this device and how well it actually works.

Purchase the unit directly from Tilta.


While I originally had a hefty amount of skepticism especially since they stripped any performance-related metrics from their website with respect to this device once it was generally available, according to one of our readers, Robert (Thank you!) - who actually has the unit; it has greatly improved both his record durations and also probably, more importantly, the cycle time in which you have to wait before subsequent recording.


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