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A new "exciting" camera coming in second half of 2021
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A new "exciting" camera coming in second half of 2021

There is a new rumor from CanonRumors about a new exciting camera coming out for the RF mount in the second half of this year.

“Everything” seems to be coming in the second half of 2021. One thing is for certain, something's up in Canon Japan. they are never this quiet for literally months on end.  They are being lapped with announcements from every camera company out there (including Pentax...), so we expect something major to be announced.

We can guess that the R1 will be announced before the Olympics which would make a "second half" announcement ring true, however, supposedly this isn't the R1 camera.  The only other "new and exciting" camera I can think of is the R5s - what we're calling the high resolution camera that sits alongside the R5.  

I can’t see Canon not doing this camera. Since the 1Ds in 2002, Canon has prided itself in having the highest resolution camera available in the marketplace, until the D800 came along in 2012. But even then, Canon responded with the 5Ds and 5DsR 3 years later to take back the throne. That lasted again, until the Sony A7R IV, with its 61MP sensor in 2019. It’s now 2021, and it’s certain that Canon will not sit quietly and let another camera company have the highest resolving 35mm full frame camera.

What would I expect this camera to have? I personally think Canon is going to aim for slightly more than 100MP.  We did actually have a rumor about this, and we broke it down into more details on why we think it's possible here. They were working on a 120MP DSLR, and while that wouldn't have had DPAF, DPAF would not cause that much inefficiency to reduce it down further than 100MP.  Also, 100MP would make it so that they have the highest resolving camera outside of true medium format based cameras.  That's my own personal feeling, but the rumors seem to suggest somewhere between 80 and 90MP. With either, we can expect the camera to still have excellent performance, most likely with somewhere between 8 and 10fps.  I wouldn't expect much in the way of video, this camera isn't meant for video, but I would imagine that some sort of 4K non-oversampled will be available.

We should start hearing some credible information in the next 1 to 2 months on what is happening in the second half this year.


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