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Additional clarity on the G5X Mark II (and G7X Mark III) burst mode
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Additional clarity on the G5X Mark II (and G7X Mark III) burst mode

Nokishita has released some more information on the burst mode operations on the new powershots and combined with Sony's stacked sensor, the new powershots have some tricks up their sleeves.  While Nokishita released this information for the G5X Mark II and the G7X Mark III.  

They are equipped with what is being dubbed as RAW Burst Mode which takes approximately 30 fps for 70 images (so 2.33 seconds worth of 30 fps burst). It's also possible to have this doing pre-shooting where it starts to save the images .5 seconds BEFORE you press the shutter.  That could be great if you are trying to catch some action and are slightly off on pressing the shutter.

In normal continuous mode shooting, you can shoot up to 20 fps with a buffer of 118 images however AF is locked (no work on AE being locked as well).  If you want AF while shooting in continuous then it drops all the way down to 8 fps.  Continuous shooting also has zero blackout.

These are Canon's first cameras (I believe) with USB-C connections (no word on if you can power and recharge the camera using the USB-C connection, but I'd assume so).

This information seems to be G5X specific; 

  • The G5X Mark II lens as well can go down to 2:1 macro for added versatility. 
  • Bluetooth version is 4.1
  • And FINALLY Canon has created a camera with no crop for 4K. Rejoice.  However, 4K is limited to 10 minutes of shooting time.

The G7X Mark II specific features;

  • This is perhaps huge - apparently, the G7X Mark III can easily broadcast live to youtube.  Could this be the defacto youtube camera?
  • Bluetooth version is 4.2
  • No information on 4K crop, but the 4K information is the same as the G5X Mark II (4K 29.97/25fps) at 10 minutes.


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