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Article: Why I chose a Canon camera | Canon News
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Article: Why I chose a Canon camera
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Article: Why I chose a Canon camera

In the face of all the breathless reviews of Sony, Panasonic and Nikon new mirrorless cameras, and how badly Canon compared to them specification wise, this is an interesting article if you find the current trend of hyperventilating over camera specifications just a bit much.

Just any stills camera you pick up these days will be a competent performer.  Perhaps 10 years ago we couldn't say the same, but now we can.  If you can't get a good image out of a modern camera, the problem isn't the camera.  What becomes more important is the security of the brand, the ergonomics, the color and how well the camera just works and gets out of your way and allows you to focus on your craft.  Let others worry if one camera has 13.25 stops of DR versus 14.1 stops in another camera (and act as if that is life or death to their photography).

One user, having to start over with a new system, went through the process of choosing the best system for himself. This article is a nice echo on how I personally feel cameras are these days.  Choose one that fits you, it may not be the current specification darling.

I like his conclusion which states;

It is for a similar reason that the EOS R is the best camera for me. The best camera is the one that best serves my needs and makes my job easier. Despite my initial reluctance, after making these considerations, I feel surprisingly at ease with my decision for the Canon. The reason I chose the Canon EOS R and the Canon system was not because it was the best system. I chose it because it was the best system for me.

Give it a read here

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