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Astronomik announces EOS RF Clip filters
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Astronomik announces EOS RF Clip filters

Astronomik has announced new clip filters for the RF system, these filters fit both the EOS RP and the EOS R (and EOS Ra) cameras.

What clip filters are is that they sit right in front of the shutter, and behind the lens.  You can get them for astronomy purposes, but there are also more general-purpose IR filters available as well (good if you have an EOS R that is ready for infrared).

Usually, you would use these filters in conjunction with a full spectrum modified EOS R or EOS RP camera.  It saves from buying much bigger and more expensive filters that sit in front of the lens.

Astronomik's Press Release:

Press release: Astronomy presents Clip Filter for Canon EOS R, Ra and RP

We are proud to present our latest development to you today:

Astronomik Clip-Filter for the mirrorless full format cameras EOS R and RP

The new clip filters can be used with all lenses on the camera body without any modifications.
The clip filters are optimized for use with normal camera lenses and telescopes.

All Astronomik filters are now also available as Clip filters EOS R!

The Astronomik CLS-CCD is our advice as an ideal "all-round filter": The CLS-CCD largely suppresses artificial light pollution and enables deep, long-exposures even from locations with strong light pollution while giving your natural colors!

Beside the CLS-CCD the Astronomik emission line filters H-alpha, SII and OIII with 12nm and 6nm FWHM are available.
The Astronomik ProPlanet 642 BP, 742 and 807 give the the infrared photographer a wide range of filters at his disposal. The UV+IR blockers L-1, L-2 and L-3 complete the family.

More information about the new clip filters can be found on our website:

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